Monday, April 02, 2007

the edible book festival, party at x and k's

holy crap, but the edible book festival was INSANELY crowded this year!

you can't really tell from the photo but the turnout was HUGE thanks in part to the international festival getting a mention on the splendid table. hooray!!

since i've got this fear of crowds thing, i spent a lot of my time sitting in the corner with my "entourage" (haha) but i DID get to see a few incredible entries! like where the red fern grows

and a million little pizzas.

there was also a LOVELY world according to carp cake but my photo was too blurry to upload. sorry.

d took lots of photos since she's not afraid of the crush of large numbers of people. here's a fantastic looking fly cake that she showed me! (i wish i could remember what book it was for. lord of the flies??)

j kept me company and read some of boys against girls.

(i still like the band that shares a similar name. i swear, all the bands that i used to listen to were on touch and go. actually, now that i think about it, they still kinda' are.)

c and k were also there with their lovely corduroy entry. (of which i don't have a photo. sigh...) here's part of c modeling one of my grover cupcakes!

at 3 pm, all of the entries were carved up for consumption.

surprisingly, no one ate any of leff's elegant entry (heh heh!) but a cut into a million little reeses (pieces)

and pronounced it tasty.

next year, the festival will be moving to a larger venue (since it's outgrown 826. hopefully, i'll have gotten a prescription for either diazepam or paxil by then so i'll be able to take more photos. (haha! my anxiety problem is funny! hee hee!)

anyway, leff and i dropped by a's house and encouraged him to knock down one of his walls. and then, after a bit of traffic and gardening talk, we headed over to x and k's "april foo" party! there was a flaming toilet!

i took along some dyslexic p2p cookies. (p2p ---> b2b ---> bee2bee. geddit? eh, never mind. it's a lame joke anyway.)

and, here's the best part, I GOT TO PLAY WARIOWARE ON THE WII!! WHEEEEE!!!

we've *seriously* got to get one of those.

k, i'm exhausted and the apt isn't going to clean itself. although, after leff and i made three edible book entries, i kinda' wish that the damn place would. *sigh*

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