Sunday, April 22, 2007

i'm sorry, j., plus the reasons why i ended up being so exhausted

first of all, i have to apologize to j for not making it to the whprwhil cd release show. i'm very, very, very sorry. leff and i will definitely by at the ss marie antoinette show on monday.

i knew that i shouldn't have gone to the seattle cherry blossom festival twice yesterday. (once in the early a.m. by myself, twice when leff and i met b and cl there.) but, you know how i have a weakness for japanese culture. and pink stuff.

the 1000 cherry trees being fĂȘted were given to the city by late japanese prime minister takeo miki for the u.s. bicentennial celebration in 1976. so that makes them from japan and pink. i'm powerless when these things are combined. (furthermore, if you throw a hello kitty on it, i'm toast. i wish i could explain this compulsion but i can't.)

although the blossoms had already fallen off they made a beautiful carpet.

the festival was really fun too. there were things that you would expect to see like ikebana and origami, etc., etc.

but ichiro was also there. albeit in cardboard form.

and blessedmain played (although i missed that because i'd come back home to rest up a bit. damn cold!)

also, there were a lot of people in costume. here are three.

the festival continues today. it's worth dealing with the center to go. plus it's free and that's always good.

i drug b, cl and leff to the fun forest because i wanted to see if the log flume was open. it is!

i'm *so* riding that on my bday this year!

we also spent a little while in the emp gift shop because we were debating whether or not to track down the pop conference. (we decided not to and went to mcmenamins instead.)

and THEN i had to rush off to a hair appointment! gah! (i'd forgotten that i'd scheduled it for that saturday until, well, saturday! gah!)

anyway, long story short, the above plus lingering cold is why i was too exhausted to make it to the cd release party. that makes me a horrible friend. i honestly do suck.

the good news, however, is that i slept for about 12 hours last night. so i will, hopefully, have enough energy to not collapse at the spl book sale. (i have to make leff dose with dayquil, like, ten minutes ago to make sure he can withstand the bookage too. AND i need to get my ass in gear so i can make breakfast for a, cl and b!! gah!! gah!!!)

so with all those gahs in place, i've got to go.


josh said...

I was at Seattle Center three times this weekend (for the EMP Pop Music Conference) and completely missed the Cherry Blossom Festival. I did think it was weird that there were so many people in the Center House Starbucks, but was too preoccupied with getting coffee in time for the next panel that I was oblivious to the festivities. Grr. Argh.

josephpeter said...

No problem you. I totally understand & appreciate everything you & jay have done for me!

and the cake was a big hit!

r4kk4 said...

haha! that's so funny, josh!

actually, it was kind of easy to miss at center house. most of the festival seemed to be happening at the fisher pavilion. center house was devoted to the kid's things which pretty much amounted to the "try on a kimono" booth and other hands on activites.

thanks, joe! i fell asleep at around 8 pm that night!

i'm glad that everyone liked the cake! how was the show?