Friday, April 20, 2007

two kinds of food

heya, chickadees! i don't have much new to report (i spent a lot of thursday catching up on things that i'd let fall by the wayside earlier in the week) except that 1) my new swapatorium article is up. this time it's for jellied turkey salad.

yeah, the gelatin didn't set. oh well.

2) leff and i split some americone dream! it's delicious!

somehow i feel that i should have put the ice cream picture first in the entry. oh well, too late now.

today i've got to make a cake for j's cd release party. and, i dunno', maybe try to obliterate my cold the rest of the way. because it's lingering, kittens. (i hate these guys!!!)


Shannon said...

Lovely...can't get enough meat flavored jello! :) I just want to find ONE person that actually made these things and loves them...:)

r4kk4 said...

i don't think that person exists! HAHAHAHA!!!