Saturday, April 21, 2007

whprwhil and contraband banana bread

*testing* is this making sense? i ask because i've been up since 2:30 watching horrid, terribly contrived performance art (is there any other kind?!) on mute and it's kinda' warped my current world view. (why was i watching it if i hate it so much? simple. i was trying to bore myself to sleep.)

anyway, friday was not hammy or stilted or any other derisive adjective. (performance art irks me so, can you tell?) nope, it was, in fact, centered around cake baking. the plans:

the cake:

it's for the whprwhil cd release party tonight at 8 pm at dearborn house. you should go!

friday was also about setting up a new etsy page, etc, etc. but before that, j and i had coffee at uptown where he snuck in some contraband mini banana bread from starbucks.

it was very tasty. it didn't taste like fear at all.

ok, i'm gonna give the sleeping thing another shot. i'll leave you with this performance artist joke that i found here.

Q: when is a performance artist NOT a performance artist?
A: when it's ajar.

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