Monday, April 23, 2007

book sale, swimming dogs, ghost bag

yesterday was half price sunday at the seattle public library sale.

you know what deep discounting means, right? lots and lots of people in the midst of lots and lots of books!

we (a, cl, b, leff and i) were only there for about an hour or so but i found some really awesome (where awesome = disgusting) cookbooks. cl found some old programming books (one even had a punchcard included inside!) that he carried around in this cool ass glow in the dark ghost bag.

browsing for books in the airplane hangar will wear you out. so we took a break to hang out with the puppies at the off leash park.

there's new tennis ball launching technology that was on display by the lake. i had no idea that such a product existed! it almost makes me want to own a dog.

we spent the rest of the day eating, drinking and drinking. which, you know, is how these things usually go.

today i need to recycle beer bottles and finish being preoccupied with what i'm being preoccupied with.

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