Sunday, April 29, 2007

tv and the wilhelm scream

i wasted saturday and i don't care. i spent hours watching "30rock" and "heroes". and when a came over with pizza and ice cream (thanks, a!), i continued watching tv although this time it was "jonny quest".

have i mentioned that the quest magic works better than any narcotic? three episodes almost put all of us to sleep. (i've filed that away for dealing with future bouts of insomnia.)

other than tv, i spent some time listening to the wilhelm scream. (warning: it autoplays.) every time this particular scream is used in a movie that i'm watching, my suspension of disbelief is shattered simply because i think it's weird that a scream that was recorded in 1951 is still being used.

also, it makes me think of "star wars".

right, i think i'm going to watch some more tv now until it's time to ride the water taxi. (free this weekend. whooo!!)

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