Wednesday, April 04, 2007

toast taste test, some freedom, extra virgin, chick update, enabling via text

first up, i have to say to chotda, "no! i hadn't seen this deer head! that's AWESOME!!! THANK YOU!!!" (here's a screengrab in case you don't want to click through.)

i should also remind you to check out her tumblr because it's always full of sparkly, delicious stuff. like the alanis morissette video that i couldn't stop watching yesterday. you know the one that i mean, right? fucking brilliant.

further related to chotda is the toast taste test. she had sent me an awesome package the other day and i only got around to trying the toast sprinkles yesterday.

here's the strawberry.

very pretty but not very berry. i like it but i wanted it to taste more like strawberry quick powder. (ed note: i'd like for everything to taste like strawberry quick powder.)

this is chocolate.

tasty! and kinda' nutty. i like it when chocolate is nutty.

and now, my favorite. the caramel apple! (this is chotda's favorite too!)

how can i describe it? hmmm, it tastes like apple toast. lovely, lovely apple toast. i'll probably have some for breakfast.

do you know what's just as nice as apple toast? a free bowling bag, that's what!

it was sitting in the laundry room with a "free to a good home" sign on it. (ok, no, it just said "free".) you probably don't know how much i've wanted a bowling bag, do you? well, i did. and now i have one. so, yippee for me.

now it's time for the religious section of my post. my mary? she's extra virgin.

and the easter chick? it's making a break for it!

one last shot from the day and i'll let you go. leff was stuck in a pointless 5 hour meeting yesterday so i tried to help him get out early.

i'm such an enabler. it's too bad that he didn't tell anyone that my arm had fallen off. that's a serious medical emergency!

is today wednesday? does it matter? we all know that i'm just going to watch the alanis morissette video repeatedly today, right? maybe i'll find time to listen to a gruff rhys song or two but other than that...


Santos said...

d'ya know what's totally stoopid? i'm completely concerned with the privacy of my e-mail, yet i communicate with you and many through the utterly exposed medium of blogs, tumblr, and flickr. and twittr, but that's not you :) heeee. someone gave me a weirdly packaged apple not-toast today, i'll take a photo for you!

Lisa B. said...

Well, it's not as if the Dept. of Homeland Security is gonna throw ya into Gitmo because you like apple not-toast (whatever that is), is it? Or maybe it is ...

I almost blogged that Alannis video, too, but then my hatred of her won out. Brillig video, though.

r4kk4 said...

i've been laughing about the privacy thing since you wrote it, chotda, simply because we're in the same boat! :D!

apple not toast sounds GREAT! i can't wait to see the photo! :D!

are you SURE that apple not toast doesn't violate some unwritten stupid republican law, pants? you know, the one that's, like, "all food must be what it is! toast cannot be apple and it DEFINITELY cannot' be apple not toast. think of the children!, etc, etc."

hahaha! i've made my peace with alannis. ;D