Sunday, April 01, 2007

edible book festival entries are finished!

and hooray for that! here's my second entry, a giant ice cream cake for marilyn powell's ice cream: a delicious history (that's a link to an npr interview that she did. i haven't heard it yet but i'll be listening to it as soon as i finish writing this.)

the "ice cream" is made of icing (blargh! that's a LOT of icing.) and the "sprinkles" are tiny sugar cookies. this is what the cone looked like before i carved it and iced it. aren't you thrilled?

here's leff's awesomely elegant entry for salt.

i love it and wish that i'd thought of it. for those of you still wondering, it's the reason why we made the silicone mold.

also, the grover cupcakes will be making their way with us to 826 this afternoon for the festival. i can't wait!

until then, i'll be rereading this year's google april fool's joke. tisp has got to be my favorite prank of theirs to date!

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