Saturday, March 31, 2007

lEGGos, grover cakes, one long, weird ass nightmare

what do you get when you mix legos and eggs? lEGGos!

i love easter just for the candy and the eggs.

leff and i took a quick trip to daiso yesterday for edible book festival supplies. we managed to only spend $25 which is a new world record for us.

on the way there, we saw this.

i like the red and yellow against the pavement.

later that day, i worked on my the monster at the end of this book edible entry. but since leff was also working in the kitchen on his book, my icing got all goopey and i had to start over.

here's the end result. (i made a dozen of them but only photographed one.)

eh, it's ok. it's really goofy which, you know, is fine.

for now though, i have to try and sleep again. i had one really long nightmare that involved 1) me being murdered repeatedly by the same serial killer as different victims 2) my having to chum the open waters of the pacific and 3) my being forced into marriage which, you know, are three things that i don't ever want to experience. and, as you can probably tell, it wasn't very conducive to sleep either.


Anonymous said...

hi I love your Grover Cupcakes! Will you tell me how you made them? My son is turning 1 in about 3 weeks and he loves Grover :)

r4kk4 said...

thanks, kristi!

i emailed you directions. happy early birthday to your son! :D!