Monday, March 19, 2007

brunch, the ferry

it's a good thing that i got all of my walking in yesterday because it's naaasty outside right now.

sunday was brunch at j's. since there was an antiwar protest downtown, leff and i decided to bus to cap hill and then walk the rest of the way to the central district.

i made some silly stag cookies to take to brunch. i think that they enjoyed the promenade. well, as much of it as they could see from their box.

after yummy food, leff and i climbed onto the roof to take photos.

j stayed inside to take his pictures.

having fufilled my photodocumenting duties, leff and i took s up on an offered ride down to the id. (thanks, s!) we walked around there

after i decided that it was too crowded to hang out at kinokuniya. although i was there long enough to find out that the new natsuo kirino book has been translated into english. (i'm on the waiting list for it now at spl.)

after some coffee at zeitgeist, it was decided that leff and i should take the ferry to bainbridge. on the way to the terminal, i FINALLY got a photo of the buttnick mfg building that makes me laugh so.

i'm such a child.

it was a great day for the ferry.

(the obligatory gull shot.)

it was also relatively empty since tourist season isn't in full swing yet.

it was a little windy though.

and that's sunday. we probably walked around five miles which, you know, is fantastic! i enjoy how walkable seattle can be.

today? uh, well, i need to go to the post office. that is if it stops raining.

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