Saturday, March 24, 2007

deer photos and stuff

ok, so i don't have a billion deer photos so much as just two. here they are.

i honestly can't tell you what happened to friday since i spent a lot of it in semihangover mode. i think that i was doing a lot of busywork that didn't require moving my head around very much. other than that, a came over and i made him eat lasagna and watch "legally blonde".

so yeah, it was a standard, off the rack friday. today i'll be doing test runs for my edible book festival entries. and maybe going to the norwegian cultural/heritage day in ballard. i'd better hurry though because i've already missed one accordian player and the start of the leif to leif fun run! (you think i'm kidding. i *so* am not...)


Pod said...

the top one is most cute.....

you may like my lamp then

r4kk4 said...

i absolutely agree! :D!

and i DO love your lamp! :D!