Friday, March 23, 2007

edible food prep, working on the comp

wow, but i tried to go to as many neighborhoods in seattle as humanly possibly yesterday! after my safeway order arrived,

(yeah, that's nine boxes of cake mix. shuddup, it's for a nonprofit. i'm not going to EAT nine cakes.)

d picked me up and we were off to home cake! (she needed to get some food coloring and i bought a billion tiny deer of which i'll probably have photos tomorrow.)

d also needed some very specific candies for her edible book entry. and, really, is there a better place in town to find licorice strings than the confectionary?

see? d's a kid in a candy store.

well, ok, a partial kid in a candy store. but you know what i mean.

after receiving a frantic call from j who needed help knocking out some more comps before he left town, i headed back home.

aw! lookit! another monster!

and shortly after i got back to my place, j picked me up and i was on the opposite side of denny than the first picture of traffic.

i didn't know this, but, apparently, my shirt is a ho.

also, it's still spring.

and pointy men are cool.

okok, so we spent some time burning,

screening, printing

and cropping. here, watch a video. it's really dull and i have no idea what we're talking about in the second clip because i was hella drunk.

another d was printing up an order for bootyland last night.

sorry it's such a bad photo. it was dark. i only posted it to say that, if you have kids or know people that have kids, you should buy one of d's shirts from bootyland. they're adorable.

j and i ended the night at taco bell.

mmmmmmmm!!!! i hadn't had taco bell in two years. and now i'm never eating anything but tb EVER AGAIN!!! god, i loves me some bean burritos!

ok, so that's thursday. i think i need a nap. or maybe another beer.


josephpeter said...

thanks. you are awesome!
ha, you left so much out.

r4kk4 said...

aw, no problem! you're welcome! :D!

yeah, well, i'm allowed to edit, right? ;D hahahah!

josephpeter said...

did i say... "oh yeah"?
do i say that a lot?

r4kk4 said...

when did you think you said "oh yeah?"? i didn't hear it.

besides, it's me that say "oh yeah?" all the time. although it sounds more like "awyeah?".

maybe you've picked up another of my annoying verbal tics. you know, like saying "awesome" all the time. HAHAH!