Friday, March 16, 2007

reading trumps "la strada", requiem for a hat

since my week had pretty much amounted to a pile of nothing, i decided to continue the trend on thursday and, as such, have nothing to write about.

well, no. i did get these three books from the library yesterday.

and i stayed in reading them instead of going to see "la strada" at siff.

the ellen forney and lisa crystal carver books are damn awesome! but the rabid nuns? oh, i so wanted to like it. but it's really only a collection of tabloid stories with a paragraph or two about the author's appearance on "oprah".


today, however, will not be boring. oh no! leff and i are taking a field trip! more about that tomorrow before i start celebrating st. patty's.

for now though, let us pause and remember j's hat (*cue music*)

(orignial here)

which has now been lost. *weeping!/wailing!/gnashing of teeth!*


Irregular Shed said...

It's funny reading you 'Mericans referring to St Patty's because everyone I know who's Irish has always referred to St Paddy. St Patty is the patron saint of hamburgers, not Guinness =)

r4kk4 said...

eh, what can i say? we like hamburgers over here. ;D HAHAHA!