Thursday, March 29, 2007

sculpture park

wednesday smelled like spring. and since i'm all about sniffing a new season (i'm part bassett hound??), leff and i took a walk to the sculpture park.

it not only smelled like spring but it looked like it as well.

i'd never eaten at the restaurant located inside the main building at the park before. (you can't see it in this pano. which makes me wonder why i put that photo here....)

i had an "adult" grilled cheese which consists of some delicious apples and grilled onions and muenster cheese on sourdough and a side salad of lightly dressed greens. oh, and a mint water.

one really cool thing about the sam "diner"? ALL of the packaging materials for food are compostable. including the plastic containers! (also? i think the forks are made of bamboo.)

i finally got a photo of the serra with some blue sky in the background.

not a big deal, i just like rust and blue together.

leff and i spent a lot of time sitting outside just watching ferries and tugs on the sound. i appreciate that sam will let you drag chairs anywhere that you'd like to sit in the park.

on the way home, we saw this pup on a truck.

a dropped by later and there was much discussion about cat butts and ice cream (but not in combination). i don't have pictures of either. so, you know, you'll have to use your imagination.

and that was my day. see, i told you that it wouldn't amount to much.

today involves recasting in the silicone mold (the first attempt hadn't dried long enough. sigh...) and, uh, i don't really know what else. as usual.


Aaron said...

I could have sworn that the conversation included cat butts and ice cream in combination. In fact, I believe there was at least one sentence that included both. Don't tell me I'm wrong. I would hate to tarnish your blog post with the quote =)

r4kk4 said...

oh, it did. ;D my claiming otherwise was just my clever rouse to get you to type both "cat butt" and "ice cream" in public. HAHAHHA!!!

i win! ding ding ding!! HAHAHA!