Sunday, March 11, 2007

happy mar10 day (one day late), lqa in 4 photos

if you remember from last year, mar 10 = mar10 day! i think this ranks third in my favorite holiday lineup which is, apparently, 1) halloween 2) easterween 3) mar10 day.

and then i like st. patty's but more about that in a minute.

anyway, happy mario day, one day late.

i know, it's not as impressive as last year's photo but, eh, i ran out of time.

yesterday, leffstar and i needed coffee. through the magic of walking and $5 we managed to make that happen.

wow, i need to do something about my nails.

after yelling directions to people stuck at the roy/queen anne intersection (this happens to us every time we sit outside at ladro) we decided to take a walk.

lqa kindly suggests that you get lost.

gato negro, chat noir, black cat. they all mean the same thing.

space 113 is for parking your ass.

and finally we make it to the shamrock

which is a reminder to self to 1) make sure to rsvp for the friday thing (more about that on sat) 2) actually go to the st. patty's parade this year because, honest abe, i am actually irish. (well, my ancestors were. i'm just an american mutt.) i'm thinking about making a shirt that says "no. really. i am irish. but don't kiss me because i don't like overt pdas. also? i don't know where you've been."

wow, that would take up the entire shirt.

right, i need to take a shower. j's waiting on us to call back so we can head to value village. for reals this time!


Phil Wilson said...

oh my god, I forgot! I am so distressed! :((((( <- me

r4kk4 said...

aw, pippy!! how could you forget? :(

it's ok, you can do something for either marie (mar13) or maria (mar 14) days.