Saturday, March 10, 2007

the physical properties of cotton candy kick my butt, i freak out over durians, uwajimaya booty, a ufo! (omgwtfbbq!)

friday morning, i braved the drizzle and took a short walk to the center where i procured not one, but two bags of cotton candy (candy floss if you're in the u.k., fairy floss if you're in australia).

no, i didn't eat them. i tried to turn it into yarn with my cd drop spindle.

of course it didn't work. (i was fairly certain it wouldn't when i started the project, but thought i'd try anyway.) cotton candy and wool are similar in appearance, but that's where you can stop comparing their physical properties and begin the contrasting section of your argument.

so now i'm stuck with two bags of cotton candy (the bags are labeled "popcornicopia". it makes me laugh.) that need to become yarn. i'm not sure how i'll do it, but i promise to take photos.

yesterday afternoon, a drove leff and me to the id during rush hour traffic. (thanks sooooo much, a!) no, i didn't take any photos of that. i also didn't take any photos of the parking spot that he found in front of uwajimaya village but i should have. i thought that parallel spots there were urban legend.

we browsed in both kinokuniya where leff bought a camera bag and at uwajimaya where, omg! there was durian fruit!!

an aside for a moment, i was under the impression that there was only one grocery store in the continental u.s. that carried durian and that this store happened to be a tiny grocery in seattle's international district. i'd heard that the guy had to lobby tirelessly to be allowed to import durians but that, yes, he was able to finally do it. (was this something that i dreamed? is it yet another urban legend in one post?!?)

so you'll understand why i ask, what the hell was durian doing at uwajimaya?!? and why didn't it smell, erm, distinctive? (please keep in mind that this was the first time i'd ever seen the fruit in person.) i kept coming back to it in the produce section and trying to sniff it all casual like. but at no time did it smell like, and i'm quoting richard sterling here, "...pig-shit, turpentine and onions, garnished with a gym sock."

do they only have their characteristic odor when they're ripe? because you're supposed to be able to smell them from a few yards away, right?

note to self: go back to uwajimaya several times in the next few weeks until the durians are ripe enough to smell.

ok, so enough about durians and more about juice boxes! a box of green pumpkin juice, to be precise!

it somehow managed to tasty vaguely creamy and nutty. so delicious!

also, how about some grape pocky?

equally awesome!! it's kinda' like what purple tastes like. or, you know, really artificial grape flavoring.

we also had dim sum at vds since a had never been. (i'll let leff write about that though.) on the way there, a pointed out a place where strawberry and maybe grape (??) chicken is served. i'm eating there next time i'm in the id!

upon returning to casa rakkaleff, we watched a bunch of hokey shows about ufos. here a demonstrates what a ufo might look like if it was trying to cast a shadow of a flying bird onto the wall.

ca-caw! ca-caw!!

and so ends my friday.

i think i'll let you go so i can obsess some more over durian fruit in private. and then maybe i'll give the cotton candy to yarn thing another go. i swear, that feels like alchemy for people on a budget.


fidget said...

Maybe durians only smell once they are cut open (or at least that pungently).

r4kk4 said...

i think that they're supposed to smell even when they aren't cut open. at least that's what the "no durians" sign in the wikipedia article would lead me to believe. ;D

i'll let you know. i have to go back to uwajimaya to see if they smell yet anyway.