Friday, March 09, 2007

a pink wysiwig, i start working on my edible book festival entry (sort of), burnt hearts me, leff's new cam

was i always such a procrastinator? yesterday i was doing pretty much anything to keep from having to walk in the rain to try and find a certain foodstuff that i need for the edible book festival. including making a pink wisywig.

oh, that's a bad pun.

i did manage to at least make the tool that i need for the book project.

yeah, a cd drop spindle! (based on this one.) i'll be trying to hand spin the certain foodstuff that i've been procrastinating about. (i'm not sure if it'll work or not.) since it's currently sunny, i probably don't have much of an excuse to not try and track some down.

anywho, burnt went to nyc last week and she sent me this postcard! eep!

how sweet of her to interrupt her wonderful trip to send leff and me mail! thanks, burnt! and happy birthday!! *air kisses*

speaking of leff, we no longer have to fight over the camera! lookit what he got yesterday!

hooray!! a new camera! now we both have one! no more having to pass the other powershot around the table when we're at a restaurant. yippee!!

ok, i guess i should go track down the food that i hope will become yarn. i kinda' need to get it out of the way early because i think a few of us are headed to the id this afternoon.

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