Thursday, March 15, 2007

ice cream and stuff

i can't really talk about the atrocity that i made yesterday in my kitchen for swapatorium yet. that has to wait until the 23rd. but i can tell you this. it frightened me. i was all but screaming at the thing that was lurking on my table when j called. and it was such a horrible experience for all those involved that i had to buy everyone ice cream.

leff got tax crunch.

a got white winter xmas?

j got something chocolatey.

and then he wore his hat like this to make me laugh.

it's what i call "farmer hat" because all of the farmers that i knew growing up wore their hats that way. i collapse into hysterics every time j does that.

here are some sugar cones because i like the way those words sound together.

sugar cones. i can't really say that without smiling.

today i'm going to try really hard to not think about 1) the aforementioned food thing that i made 2) the book signing that i missed yesterday because i was making the aforementioned food thing and instead concentrate on the tivon rice show that's up at the lawrimore project and also the super fun thing that i get to do tomorrow! sorry to not tell you more but, well, it's a secret until saturday!


josephpeter said...

r.i.p. farmer hat. i lost it yesterday. :(

r4kk4 said...


omg!! that's so sad! :(