Friday, March 30, 2007

etsy order, package from chodta!!, the edible book saga continues!

thursday was slow. partially because i scratched my left eye and couldn't really see well for most of the day and partially because leff was working on bookton. (which, you know, is awesome, so i'm not complaining.)

i got a cool bird painting from snew.

AND a package from chodta! it not only had her kick ass moo cards in it

but ALSO these toast sprinkle packets!! (THANK YOU, CHOTDA!!)

i have to agree with her. if these were made in the u.s., i'd probably roll my eyes at them and not try them. but because the packaging is nice (don't get me started on how lame i think most u.s. packaging is. i could go on for HOURS.) i'm *dying* to try them!

anyway, when my vision cleared a bit, i realized that i only had a few days left until the edible book festival. yikes! time to start baking! guess what i found while i was digging through my baking drawer? old cotton candy.

did you know that it compresses into a hard lump of sugar after a few weeks? me neither. i hit leff with it and he said "ouch" so it's official. cotton candy can be used as a weapon in a pinch.


i made some blue batter

which i turned into blue cupcakes.

they've been dubbed "smurfcakes" on flickr. i think that's the greatest name for these!

k, time to head to daiso for more cupcake liners and a backdrop for leff's entry. i also need to hit a candy store for pink jellybeans.

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