Tuesday, March 06, 2007

aqua teen easter egg, whprwhil comp, the cuteness, it burns us!

edit, 04/06/12:  hi, huffpo readers! thanks for clicking through to this five year old blog post. if you'd like to see more easter eggs that i've made, please click through to my flickr set. enjoy!

what did i do yesterday? i made my first easter egg of the season!

god, but i love shake.

yesterday also saw the completion of the first 15 whiprwhil comps. j has photos of the finished packets at his my space. i was only around long enough to close down the lqa kinko's so that means that i have photos of the innards. like this shot of the title page

and the packet sitting in j's car.

seriously, j. i want a pony for my birthday. if you can manage to get dna from this one and clone him? that would be awesome.

okok, so you should shield your eyes (and possibly any teeth that might be on their way to cavity state) if you can't stand cute and sweet. because, pudding pops? clouseau was fucking adorable yesterday.

he's trying to kill me. i honestly believe it. no one is that cute on purpose unless they have a vendetta.

right, today's tuesday. uh...is it possible for me to go back to sleep?

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