Thursday, March 22, 2007

video editing and soooo much sugar

oh, wednesday, you were a pain in the ass. i ask you, dear reader, is video editing EVER fun? the answer to that is no. no, it sure the hell is NOT.

since that's what i spent most of my day working on, it means that i have nothing to write about. again. although....a did come over for dinner. and when a comes over, there's always ice cream involved.

for some reason last night i became obsessed with making a pop tart ice cream sandwich. so we got the pop tarts and the ice cream

(which happened to look like the nougatty candy from the brachs pick-a-mix bin to me. when i see nougat, i always think of ted even though that's not his last name.)

and i made myself a goddamned pop tart ice cream sandwich!

deliciously disgusting. but i'm not doing it ever again since i like being to be able to walk out the door of my apartment.

today, after another grocery delivery, i'm headed out in search of candy and baking paraphernalia for d's edible book entry. and then i'm taking a nap.

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