Thursday, March 01, 2007

data entry, top models and ice cream

bookton continues to gather steam, if leff's hand is any indication.

in fact, that's what i spent most of wednesday working on. er, bookton, not writing on leff's hand.

(an aside: when i first saw that note on leff i thought "PEEPS?!??! AWESOME!!!". but, uh, it was the other kind of peeps that he was talking about.)

anyway, i have to admit, i took a break from data entry to watch "marie antoinette" around 2ish. eh, it was an ok film. it didn't do much for me besides make me want to buy a lot of shoes and eat copious amounts of cake.

later that night, a dropped by and i forced him to watch the new cycle of "america's next top model" which, my god, is even more of a train wreck than usual.

a claims that the show made him dumber. (it does knock your iq down a few pegs, i can't lie.) but ice cream and cookies make the loss of brain activity go down much easier.

mmmm! triple chocolate ice cream on chocolate chocolate cookies! that's like, what?, a pentachocolate experience!!

today, erm, i think it's another bookton day. i mean, it may be sunny outside and the calender might say march 1st, but i'm not falling for it. it's COLD out there!

"the 400 blows" is on tomorrow night at siff. maybe i'll go, maybe i won't. i might get my truffaut fix from "antoine & colette" instead.


Phil Wilson said...

400 blows? Sorry, that's really disrupted my train of though.

r4kk4 said...

hahha! it does that to everyone. ;D

if the person in question doesn't know that it's a truffaut movie, they either think that 1) it's a kung fu movie or 2) it's porn.

i can tell you this from my past experience working at a video rental. haha!