Wednesday, February 28, 2007

working, cleaning, etc

yesterday was really too boring to write about, so i'll keep this short. part of the day was spent on bookton.

another section of it cleaning. (obviously the above photo was taken before i cleaned leff's "office", i.e. the closet.)

and the remaining bit making dinner. granted, it didn't take very long. but, um, i haven't made baked chicken in eight years and i was nervous. let me tell you, if you decide to stop being vegetarian and want some baked chicken? go with that recipe. but use boneless chicken. (i'm still having a hard time eating things with bones in them.)

oh yeah, somewhere in the middle of tuesday, i merged my old skool flickr account. it made me die a little bit inside.

and that was my day. in cat news, clouseau is enjoying the new rug immensely. i think because it compliments his fur.

today i'm making a really quick cake? i think?? i'm not sure. i might be jumping the gun by making it today but i don't think that i care.

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Anonymous said...

i miss you inspector