Thursday, February 22, 2007

ballard = library, high life and cookies

wednesday (although the whole day i swore that it was thursday.) was a ballard day. but only for a few hours. i did the library thing since i had, like, seven overdue books and two books on hold. one of which was *trumpets, fanfare* the end.

it was good. oh, yes was it ever good. definitely worth the wait.

i also met up with leff and a for lunch at the hi-life.

my favorite turkey sammich is off the menu! oh noes! the salad was good though.

leff had some ice.

which made his meal complete and balanced.

after lunch, i made a quick stop at cookies where i got this hammer shaped cutter.

do you know how hard it was for me to not say "here comes the hammer!" while i was walking to the register? do you?!

did i mention that it was sunny yesterday?

anyway, that was all of the "active" stuff that i did yesterday. the rest of wed. was spent reading and procrastinating.

today, i'm putting the finishing touches on what i get to tell you about tomorrow! eeep! i can't wait!

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