Sunday, February 18, 2007

ain't no party like a kidult party 'cause a kidult party don't stop

when i started writing this it was 4:04 in the morning. and that's no error. (har to the har)

why can't i sleep? well, it might be because of all the sugar that i ate yesterday. fruity pebbles,

apple jacks,

chocolate chip pancakes with lingonberry jam

and some mimosas for good measure.

it was, after all, saturday. and saturday means cartoons!

(leff and i are kidults. although, um, we're not really middle aged. yet.)

anyway, j dropped by with his mismatched socks (which are *awesome*, btw.)

and his multitasking abilities.

and i tried some scooby doo science.

you see, there's an episode where scooby uses a long straw to drink out of both his and shaggy's glasses at the same time. in real life? it doesn't work. but you probably knew that already. (leff'll soon have video of this. i'll give you a link when it's available.)

i thought that i was going to build a tent out of blankets and pillows buuut, well, i got too comfortable and lazy so this is the only tent that i built.

seriously lame.

after an episode of "count duckula" (which i still love) and many hours of scooby, leff had a major sugar crash.

and that was the kidult party. you see, it's all fun and games until someone becomes diabetic.

today i'll be scrounging at value village. it'll be the first time that i've been thrifting since i moved to seattle. (what's the deal with that?!?) i'm looking for things that are directly related to the awesome news that i get to tell you about on friday! i really can't wait for that!

but, for now, i'm either going to go for a walk around the 'hood (haha! lower queen anne is *so* not a 'hood.) or i'm going to watch "donnie darko". it's the perfect movie for the lenten season. (ok, look, frank's a rabbit and there's that whole rabbit = easter thing. i made eggs once, remember?)

anyway, time for action, not typing.


Brit said...

fruity pebbles are so delish!

Lisa B. said...

Dang. I just checked in on my Bloglines and there was the number 43 next to Glitter Pissing. Did you really write 43 blog entries over the last two weeks? I'm lucky to write 43 entries in two months. You're a blogging fiend, woman!

Nice photos, too ;-)

r4kk4 said...

can you get fruity pebbles in korea, brit?

if not, you should *totally* eat some when you're in houston in, what? 14 days?!? :D!

haha! nah, i think i wrote maybe 15 things. it's probably just me doing editing to fix typos and such that showed up in your bloglines. sorry about that!

ungh! nice photos? ---> sack! ;D