Tuesday, February 20, 2007

georgetown, tacoma, olympia and a hell of a lot of rain

happy president's day, one day late. that is, if you happen to celebrate the combined birthday of washingtonlincoln. if not, i hope that you had a nicer than normal monday.

me? oh yeah, i had a pretty great pres. day. thanks for asking! leff, j and i got out of town for a while which was nice!

i mean, don't get me wrong, i love seattle and all. but sometimes you have to get out of the city or you'll smack the fuck out of somebody.

it's true.

anyway, our day started at sbucks hq.

i know, it doesn't seem to be the most fortuitous of beginnings but when you're coming by bus from lqa and are meeting someone arriving from west seattle with your end result being georgetown? well, uh, sbucks hq has a really big parking lot and its own bus stop.

ok, so georgetown. i think that i might move there. it has barbed wire

and smartypants.

which, in turn, has turkey sammiches.

this is all that i need to survive. ok, a multivitamin but other than that i'm set.

there's also this circuit board thing that j so kindly modeled for us

which is on the way to fantagraphics.

and, yes, before you ask, i DID get to see the love and rockets artwork. lookit!! here's a photo!!!!

tooooo awesome, i'm tellin' you!!

but let's keep going. there are two cities to mention. first up? tacoma. until yesterday, the only thing that i new about tacoma was "tacoma dome". but now i know about union station, the tacoma museum of art and the glass museum with its bridge.

oh, look! a detail!

i wanted to be wearing an eye patch all chihuly style while i was walking across the bridge but, alas, it was not to be.

after spending some time in the glass museum gift shop (it was raining, we were cold and i wasn't paying admission to the museum. sorry, but $10 per seemed a little steep yesterday.) we drug j away from the bird section (why was there a bird section in the glass museum shop?) and it was on to bob's java jive!!

cool innit? it also has an owl!

i wasn't afraid though.

there was also an ambitious career woman sticker.

whoever makes those gets around! for reals! they're in sea and tac!

sadly, bob's wasn't open. (not much in tacoma was yesterday.) so j thought that we should head to olympia. on the way, we decided that we'd try to find kill rock stars.

more about that in a minute. (and, yes, my handwriting is bad. i know this.) first though, it's the sleater-kinney exit!! eeeep!!

we didn't need to drive down sleater-kinney but j took the exit so i could get a closer picture of the sign. isn't he a sweetie? (thanks, j!)

ok, so back to the kill rock stars debacle. we never have maps at hand. and, even though j had been to olympia a few times and we were equipped with both a web enabled phone and my willingness to ask directions from people, we still somehow never found it.

since returning home, i've researched a bit. i read that krs is relocating to portland and new york. is that true? have they done it already? is that why we couldn't find it? or were we just too tired and clueless?

my vote is for tired and clueless. i know that i was tired.

leff fell asleep on the way back, so it's a safe bet to say that he was exhausted. and j was driving through a what passes for a torrential downpour in the pacific northwest. combine that with the traffic

and i'd say he was also pretty tired as well.

eh, there's always next time. and now, i have a map!

and that, pudding pops, was pres. day. i'm still tired from it.

today is the shins in store at easy street. other than that, i guess i'll be homebound until the groceries arrive.


Anonymous said...

I have a question... I really like the unicorn picture you sent my way and was wondering if I could use the image to create a handtowel or crochet a blanket?

r4kk4 said...

sure! go right ahead!

the only thing that i ask is that you please post a photo so i can see it when you're finished! :D!