Wednesday, February 14, 2007

saturation, ignite seattle 2.0

do i even remember yesterday morning? i think it was all work, research, work some more and then a break to drink some chocolate silk and take some saturated photos of the soybean leaves

and an orange that i ate.

aside from some big news that i'll tell you about on friday, the 23rd (i really can't wait to tell you about that!), the major event of tuesday was ignite seattle 2.0 at chac.

it was wall to wall geek.

(is that dylan from metblogs in the white shirt? if it is, hi, dylan!)

it's fantastic that so many people attended but, and this is my only gripe, i hope that the organizers are able to book a larger hall next time.

so let's get to the meat of the matter-- the talks. (leff, a and i got there too late to see the egg drop.)

instead of giving you a play by play since 1) the videos of the talks will be up on ignite's blog within a week (give or take a few days) so you can watch them for yourself 2) i'm still not sleeping so i'm too tired to bother, i'll just give you a list of my top 40 with a bullet or whatever. sound good? ok, here we go!

i particularly enjoyed avi geiger's “power consumption of home computers and incandescent lightbulbs”, nancy white from full circle associates

lars liden from teachtown (that one *really* blew me away.), sarah davies from freedom for ip,

lee lefever of the world is not flat, google's barry brumitt on MapReduce (although, i'll admit, most of that one was over my head. still interesting though!)

deepak singh's "open scientific future"

and heater ralph's multi person pogo stick.

oh! and i also have a particular interest in the pacific northwest chapter of ASIS&T that corprew reed presented.

(i should also mention that the photos of participants are from leff's flickr set.)

but really, all of the speakers had their own merits. i'd recommend checking them all out once the video is up. the next ignite seattle is on april 5th (??) if you're interested in attending.

and on that note, i'm going to try and sleep. (i'm obsessing over it, i know, but i really am tired.) i think that i got an honorable mention in the craft: valentine's day contest (at least that's what an email from natalie zee tells me.), so i may be back later in the day with a link to that.

for now though? zzzzzz!


Heather Flanagan said...

Funny, I thought the eggs were the meet:

Well, here's the video of the other Eggnite meat.

r4kk4 said...

oh, well there's nothing wrong with the eggs. i wish we'd been able to make it to that part!

but i was really into the talk section. that for me, was the steaky potato bit. ;D

Corprew / Ranger Zeitgeist said...

Glad you enjoyed the presentation or at least found it interesting. i hope you make it to the ASIS&T open house if you're interested.


r4kk4 said...

but i DID find it interesting! :D!

i'm going to try to make it to the ASIS&T open house if i can. it's every first thurday, isn't it?