Sunday, February 04, 2007

yo yo championship, "metronatural" descends upon the center like a really unpleasant descending thing, ice cream, cupcakes and movies, oh my!

i've got four words for you, tender vittles: pacific northwest yo-yo championship.

i know, i know, at first glance it might not seem to be the new pink or what have you but i have to tell you, 70's rock and yo-yo tricks in combination are incredible.

no, i'm not being sarcastic.

leff and i caught about 30 minutes of the championship at the center yesterday. all i have to say is "wow!" and "these two crappy photos don't do it justice". really. that's all i'm saying.

(look at the little girl on the right hand side of this photo. she's all "o...m...G! *stunned!* haha!)

have i mentioned metronatural to you before? if you live in seattle, you might be aware of this really lame and pathetic attempt at an "Übercool" tourism slogan for the city. if you've never heard this term before, consider yourself lucky. oh, and sorry for foisting it upon your sunday.

right, so "metronatural". the banners are now all over the center. inside:

and in its "metronatural" setting. *gag*

look, i know it's hard to come up with a slogan that everyone will be happy with. (please see the previous and much maligned "say wa" for proof.) but "metronatural" smacks of late '90's buzz laziness. i mean, why not use "seattle: land of shifting paradigms and proactive nesting" or "segways. yes, we have those!" instead, for christ's sake. they're just as good.

ugh. ok, fine. moving on.

a dropped by late yesterday afternoon. he and leff were going to catch the sci fi short film festival at the cinerama but both showings were sold out. instead, we ended up in ballard for ice cream,


and "pan's labyrinth".

how was "pan's labyrinth"? pretty good. a bit too visceral in some scenes, imho, and i thought that the "eye monster" was a bit too nine inch nails, but overall, not bad. i don't think i'd rush out and see it again though.

since we were at the bay, i finally got a photo of the jellyfish lights that i love so much.

and also a shot of the neon.

i really do love the bay and its nautical theme. avast, maties! etc.

i can see from the clock on my screen that it's time for coffee. so here's one more photo

and i'll see you later.


Shahid said...

Wow. You know, I worked at YoYoNation over the summer. I didn't go to any of the championships, but I met the guy who was a stunt double for Owen Wilson in Zoolander. I have videos of him:

r4kk4 said...

shahid! i KNEW that you rocked but that's just AWESOME!!!

do you do yo-yo tricks too? 'cause i'm just gonna' be in awe if you do!

i'll go check out that video now! thanks!!! :D!

josh said...

the metronatural backlash begins -->

r4kk4 said...

ha ha! if ANYTHING needs a backlash it's metronatural!

and perhaps "the real housewives of orange county". ick!