Friday, February 09, 2007

pink drinks, high dive, happy sprout

there's a little known papal law that states, and i quote, "if one starts the day off with a pink drink, one must finish the day with a pink drink."

ok, no. i lied about the pope being involved. but i did start and end the day with pink drinks. the morning was all about pink lemonade.

and at night i drank part of this noxious concoction.

yeah, bubble yum soda. it tastes as nasty as it sounds and i couldn't get anyone else to try it. dammit.

most of thursday was spent finally kicking my cold's ass. (but poor leffstar is still sick, sick, sick. it's awful.) i think maybe i read something. no wait! i cleaned out my office!

none of that matters. it's just my way of saying "self quarantine sucks! you should thank us, fellow citizens of seattle for not forcing our flu upon you!" it's also my way of saying that when j called last night wanting to go to the high dive, i was *so* there.

four bands (joy wants eternity, smile brigade, beast, please be still and the corespondents), six bucks and one lousy picture of the kitchen = joy and the key to the city.

oh, here's the lousy picture of the kitchen.

j should have photos of bands and such on his flickr page soonish.

so, my soybean continues to grow.

it's bizarre!! i mean, it's smiling! i can't wait until it's fully grown!

k, ich habe hunger so i need to get some breakfast. wait! before i go! i just found out yesterday that a friend of mine is a character in "love and rockets"!! i mean, WOW!!! i won't reveal the name. sorry. this person likes to maintain a low profile. but still, WOW!!!

right, NOW it's time for breakfast and tracking down mudhoney songs for some reason ("touch me i'm sick" and "you've got it, keep it out of my face" specifically. it's a weird but fierce audio craving.) but no bubblegum soda. bleah.

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