Tuesday, February 13, 2007

hearty har-heart, phở geddaboutit!

what is this silly thing called sleep that you pathetic earthlings profess to need? (look, that's the best mooninite impersonation that i can do on three hours of sleep. if you have a problem with that maybe you should take that up with mr. laser.)

if the above paragraph is any indication, and i believe that it is, i'm in the middle of another bout of insomnia. and that's all i'll say about that except maybe "does anyone have any spare ambien laying around that you don't need?" or "hell, i'll even take a tylenol pm offa' your hands".

so valentine's. yeah, i made some more things. like this collage for scrapateria.

the theme this week was "song lyrics". and my collage was for "love buzz" specifically the "would you believe me/when i tell you/you are the queen of my heart" part of it.

ha ha. i is so funny.

i also started making a v day mix but realized four songs into it that i don't really have any love songs.

i mean, for reals, who puts "no more reproduction" on a valentine's mix? me, that's who.

i also watched the funniest teen girl squad that i've ever seen in my life yesterday.

really, just watch it. full bars!!

j wanted phở again yesterday. coincidentally, so did i! so i went with him to than bros for lunch.

(i think i forgot to say thanks for lunch. so, uh, j? thanks for lunch!!)

after food, we held up a bank.

no, i'm lying. we went to fred meyer where i decided that i know waaay too much about cat litter and that i don't like creepy men asking for cheese recommendations.

and now i'm going to try and sleep. i might be headed to ignite seattle 2.0 with leff tonight if a or m or x or any combination thereof can't go with him. i'm hoping that one of them decides to skip his game tonight (a! i'm looking at you! heh heh!) because it's a really awesome place to network (just not in my field). plus there's the whole egg drop thing.

ok, sleep. bye.


mandelion said...

J. (?) has nice man-brows.
Any pho suggestions for a first timer?

r4kk4 said...

yep! that's j!

he does have nice brows, i agree. he'll die when he reads these comments though! haha!!

sure i have sugestions! try veggie first. you can work your way up to meat if you want.

i always add as much basil as possible and always use a lime slice. sometimes, i add some hot sauce, sometimes not. it depends on whether or not i want something spicy!

oh!! most importantly! ORDER A SMALL until you know how large the bowls are at your restaurant! i mention this because pho servings can be SERIOUSLY huge! hahah!

that's all i've got pointer wise! i'm excited that you're going to try it! :D!!

josephpeter said...

we went to fred meyer where i decided that i know waaay too much about cat litter and that i don't like creepy men asking for cheese recommendations.

LOL R. Coxhill!

r4kk4 said...

hee hee!! :D!

notice that i didn't mention anything about shopping with a mentally challenged person....joseph!! HAHA!

Hollow Earth said...

hi there! this is amber kai. i met you at the high dive the other night with joseph. he sent me your cake pics! they are so awesome. you should submit them to Boing Boing. They'd love it. Also, it was nice to meet you!

r4kk4 said...

hey, amber!

it was nice meeting you too! thanks about the cakes!

if you guys ever need a cake donation for a hollow earth benefit, just let me know! :D! i'm all about donating to good causes!