Monday, February 12, 2007

peel hearts a, blood orange, mike tyson punch out!!

since i can't sleep anyway, i might as well be productive and do something besides rereading a wrinkle in time for the 80th time. (really, can you blame me? madeleine l'engle is amazing no matter what age you read her books.)

a dropped by midway through sunday afternoon. peel was ecstatic! (she's got a wicked crush on a.) here is the motion blur of them attacking each other.

i say attacking "each other", but it's really peel getting ready to bite a. you see, when she likes someone, she bites them. not hard enough to break the skin mind but, um, i'll just say that it's not fun.

later in the day, i ate a blood orange that was seriously fleshy looking.

i love it when they look all meaty. as a brief aside (specifically for burnt *wink*) i've had dreams about trees that grow meat products ever since i saw the swiss spaghetti harvest hoax video when i was little. i always wondered if they had meatball trees as well as pasta bushes. (and, no, let's not psychoanalyze the symbolism of meat bearing trees. thanks very much.)

in 8bit pigment news, j went to a show at tony's coffee in bellingham where he took this photo of a mike tyson painting from mike tyson's punch out!

(original here)

i mean, EEEP! thanks, j!!

i don't have the artist's name yet (and j doesn't remember). sorry about that. i'll try to fix that later on today.

but for now i should try to sleep.


Joseph said...

i was wondering why that photo got so many hits so fast. most of my photos only get like 3 hits on like 3 weeks.
you should post my 4x5 camera i am selling on your blog.. maybe it will find a home that way. (shameless)

r4kk4 said...

yeah, yeah. i'm your pimp. that and the banana bread is the only reason why you hang out with me. ;D

sure. i'll post about your 4 x 5. i wish that i could buy it for myself. i lurve large format cameras.

r4kk4 said...

oops! i meant that those ARE the reasons.

subject/verb agreement isn't my top priority at 2:30, i suppose.

L. T. Zen said...

Looking at your post today I saw the picture of the cat then what appeared to be a bloody stump! I was decieved, it was only a blood orange. For a sec I thought the cat knew kung fu and had plucked someones toe off.

r4kk4 said...

HAHAHAHA!!! peel is pretty quick on her feet so it wouldn't be surprising if someone lost an eye one day. ;D