Friday, February 16, 2007

wonder woman stamp, exposing, a karaoke pizza place that i have to visit

let me tell you this. mail from home is always nice but what makes it FANTASTIC is superhero stamps!! yesterday, padre sent wonder woman!! eeep!!

i just know that padre's enjoying that stamp series as much as me.

remember my mentioning the exposing unit yesterday? you know how i was going to enjoy it much more than using a low wattage light bulb (which is all i ever seem to have around the house)? well, that didn't happen since j was pressed for time. BUT he picked up a 200 watt bulb from bartell while i was prepping the screen so everything worked out well.

i left a note on the door for the cats while the screen was drying. they think it's funny to expose things before it's time. bastards.

i had made an acetate before j arrived but 1) i'd forgotten that i had the wrong acetate for my printer and the ink wasn't drying (plus, some sections of it were going to drop out because they weren't dark enough.) 2) j wanted to make some last minute changes to the document that he'd emailed me.

it was fun listening to him grumble at cs since he knows the mac keyboard shortcuts but not the windows ones. hee hee!

anyway, a trip to kinko's was in order. which was fine (i do heart kinko's.) but not before dinner!!

while j, leff and i were at quizno's, j told us about this pizza place downtown? in cap hill? where you sing karaoke (complete with a mike!!) while you're waiting in line for your slice. i mean, !!!!! here are photos of his friends josh

(original here)

and john

(original here)

waiting in line. why do i mention this? because i'm going to DIE if i can't go to this pizza place and it's a reminder to self to GET TO THE KARAOKE PIZZA PLACE!! NOW!! STAT!! AAAAAH!!

ok, right, back to thursday. after kinko's and some disagreement about whether or not i needed to use glass on top of the acetate (i never had before but to placate j, i did this time. heh heh.), i set up a makeshift exposing area

while j was manually cutting and pasting the innards of the comp.

leff was boggled by the old skool cutting and pasting. (he prefers ctrl x, ctrl v. hee hee!) but, honestly, sometimes i think it's faster and looks better. but that's just me and my affection for photocopied zines coming out, i suppose.

anyway, to sum up, 200 watts, baby! it's the future of screenprinting at casa rakkaleff! 25-30 minutes of exposure time and you're good to go!

the whprwhil sampler will be finished soon. i'll give you a link when it becomes available.

oh, and j? you're SO not paying me for the screen.

today? uhm, i think i'm headed to the miho hatori in store at easy street around 5ish. and then...uh, i don't know what happens after. but then again, i never do.


Joseph said...

you are amazing thanks for all yr help. and pizza place soon!

r4kk4 said...

oh, pshaw! you're welcome!

thanks for dinner! :D!

i dreamed about that pizza place last night. hahah!!

fidget said...

Have you figured out what the name of karaoke pizza joint is? How have I missed this?

r4kk4 said...

sorry! i still don't know. but the minute that i do, i'll tell you about it!! :D!

oh hey! thanks for that rat city roller girl youtubage the other day! (i don't have lj so i didn't leave a comment.)

fidget said...

You can leave an anonymous comment with lj. Kind of like blogger lets you.

r4kk4 said...

ah! i've never gotten it to work before.

i'll try again next time!