Wednesday, February 07, 2007

still under the weather

ungh! this cold is a bastard!

and yet, despite having achy joints and muscle weakness i've managed to make another deer pun. erm, two actually. please see "home, home on the range"--

and "i'm fawned of you!".

yeah, i know i've used that deer image before but i still have my screen. it's all about the recycling, sweeties. in fact, that deer's printed on a cereal box so it's doubly recycled. (erm, it's inked with felt tips though.)

you know, i think the reason that i stay sick for so long is because i'm always doing things instead of resting. so today, i won't roast a red pepper

and instead will finish you shall know our velocity and watch "matlock".

remember, when you're sick, "matlock" is your best friend.


mandelion said...

You're so punny! I really have to Hand it to you.
Amen to the "Matlock."

kris said...


you're the punny one working hand into that sentence! ;D!

matlock rocks my socks!