Monday, February 19, 2007

sundays are always uneventful

as usual, sunday was filled with nothing but movies and four hours of "law and order: criminal intent". (vincent d'onofrio, i heart you!)

well, ok, i had lunch at mecca.

but other than that, not much else happened.

no, i'm lying. i got my username and password for a new site that i'm going to be alpha testing. that is exciting and promises to be waaaaay better than the site that i alpha/betaed for last year. i bet my buck fifty on it.

(actually, i'd bet a lot more but it's kinda hard to make puns about money involving only one deer equal much more than $1.00 usd.)

anyhow, yeah, sunday was the same old same old. today, however, i might be getting out of town! it's super appealing to me since i've only left the city once since we moved here. (we went to the san juans to go whale watching.)

oh! before i leave! d found the video of the new rat city roller girls commercial! thanks, d!

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