Saturday, February 10, 2007

almost birding around in bird town

yesterday had promised to be a birdtastic day. i got a beautiful bird collage from dead bird.

and later that night i was supposed to go to the comet with j to see birds and batteries and bird show of north america but i chickened out. (ba-doom-ching! thank you, cleveland!)

nah, i didn't so much chicken out as realize that i'd been out on thursday and kinda' needed to stick around me casa to make sure that leff was still ok. i mean, he is still sick, poor guy.

so i stayed in and read the new bob newhart book in it's entirety (it's ok. funny in places.) and watched "teenage zombies" or some such crap.

so, yeah. zippery do dah

etc. it was another thrilling friday. i'm somehow sure you're not surprised.

and now it's time for coffee and a vietnamese new year celebration. later, chickadees.

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