Sunday, February 11, 2007

tết, soybean, vds

i'm a sucker for new year's celebrations. i think it's got to do with the whole clean slate/blank page thing (tabula rasa and i are bff!)(nah, i'm kidding. i'm not really that into john locke. the idea of a social contract is nice and all, but it only really works in theory, dunnit?)

anyway, yesterday morning at the center there was lion dancing for tết! hooray! it was loud, of course, which is awesome. and now here are some photos.

in soybean news, my much referred to sprout has fully, uh, sprouted! and, wow, if it isn't smiling!

creepy. creepy but cute. oh! and it DID wish me congratulations!

jens and shop boy both helped to translate it! thank you again, guys! you're terrific!!

one really cool thing that i didn't know about the hiragana on the plant is that, and i'm quoting shop boy, ""ME" is the same sound of "sprout" and "DE" means "come out". so the word "O-ME-DE-TOE", which means "congratulations", also has the homonyms for "sprout" and "come out" in it! eeep!! that is one well thought out punny sprout! i love it even more now!

yesterday when i got coffee at the center, i received my change for a twenty back in ones.

now, there are only three things that you can do with that many ones. a) hit a strip club. b) ride the bus a lot c) get some food.

since leff is still sick and j was hungover, we skipped the strip club and only took one bus to arrive at vds.

i only have a photo of the sticky rice dim sum wrapped in leaves. i'm sure that's fine with you because, really, haven't i posted enough photos of food here?

and that, mes amis, was samedi. er, i mean, saturday. today i *really* want to go to the "love and rockets" panel discussion, but i'm not sure if it's going to happen. *frown* i'll try my damndest to get there though.


Joseph said...

tết! photos makes me want Phở

r4kk4 said...

then let's go get some!!

i'm hungry!

i have to shower first though.

L. T. Zen said...

I'm a little concerned about the birthmark on the sprout's face. You might want to take him to a cosmetic pediatric plant surgeon to check that out.

r4kk4 said...

shhhhh! my soybean is very sensitive about its birthmark.

we have an appointment with a doctor next week. ;D