Thursday, February 01, 2007

my funny valenTINE, a cat video

wednesday was another one of those days where i was ridiculously productive and, as such, only left the apt to drop some things in the mailbox and to purchase ingredients for soup.

one of the more fun things that i made yesterday was this...

a valenTINE! har har! geddit? it's a heart made from the tines of a plastic fork!

here's the bigger picture in case you'd like to see it in context.

i'm still working on more, erm, hearty things. (the soup will be included in that. ba-doom-ching! thank you, cleveland!) hopefully, i'll be able to post a photo of one of them tomorrow.

and here's the cat video from the title.

peel has this silly way of playing where she glares at an object for a while and then SPAZZES OUT by way of flipping around in the air. she's very odd. what makes that video ever weirder is that she's playing with a fake mustache.

yeah, don't ask.

and so, hi-ho, hi-ho, it's off to work, etc.

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