Wednesday, January 31, 2007

kinkajous = healthy and other ways that tuesday was really dull

as promised, yesterday was a total wash and rated a 1.2 on the richter scale of thrillingness. (richter had many scales. seriously. the guy was *really* into rating stuff!)

that's not to say that i wasn't busy. i got a lot of things scratched off my to do list(s) but who wants to read about that?

anyway, i did notice something really obvious. the more the drawing on a kid's cereal box resembles a real animal, the healthier that cereal is.

case in point, my amazon frosted flakes with recognizable kinkajous on the box has three ingredients and ain't a one of 'em artificial coloring.

they're tasty but god, i really need some froot loops with a generous portion of cherry pop tarts sprinkled over the top. i crave red no. 5 today.

changing subjects here, i'd like to mention that one day, one fucking day, after i reopen my damn rakka account on flickr, the email stating that a yahoo login will be required on march 15 made the rounds. i am so fucking annoyed. it makes me wonder how much longer i'll be keeping the old account open.

anyway, i've got to go be boring. wednesday is another day that i need to fill with embroidery and other painful things.


Anonymous said...

I know it's not the point, but the "merge" to a yahoo account is pretty painless these days. I did it yesterday and had no issues.

r4kk4 said...

i don't even KNOW you anymore.

who is this bf that says anything about yahoo is painless? ;D

Anonymous said...


i just wrote a comment about how heathen it is that i think the flickr/yahoo merge is far less painless than switching over the 'new' blogger, which may or may not be 'beta' depending on where i end up.
but as i signed in, i got stuck in an old blogger hellring, which led to a new google signup, which promptly lost the comment. TEH SUCKS!!!!!!!!!! like, forever and ever, ramen.

Anonymous said...

from grocky:

have you noticed how Leff just isn't the same person since he's been using a mac and was given an ipod?

is it true that in the streets he points at the other white headphone wearers and chants 'one of us, one of us...'?

r4kk4 said...

oh, god! i'm so sorry about that, chotda! i haven't been able to switch over to nu blogger yet 'cause i'm part of some group blogs and that's not allowed on the new system yet. it's really stupid.

i guess since you and leff both think it's easy, i'll make the switch sometime in march. but i'm holding out until then 'cause i'd like to play like i'm not using a yahoo product just a little bit longer. ;D

don't i KNOW, groc! leff always has this dazed look in his eyes now and, don't tell anyone, but i looked at the back of his neck and...i think there's an implant there now!!! ;D

Anonymous said...

Sorry I don't know anyone too well, but I couldn't resist:
Implant in the back of his neck you say?.... (less of a chant, more of a zombie moan) "one of us....*drool*"

r4kk4 said...

oh, you don't have to know anyone to comment, mandelion! everyone's really nice! (well, except for leff when his implant is sending out messages. ;D)

hee hee!!! he's TOTALLY like that! in fact, this is what he looked like when he left for work this morning! hahaha!