Monday, January 15, 2007

daiso is my new bff!

before i upload way too many photos of the crap that leff and i bought at daiso yesterday, let me mention two things-- 1) i got an awesome atc from lowclouds the other day. here it is in situ.

2) despite the cold, wintery weather in seattle, there are some trees that think it's time to bloom.

i won't argue with them, but i hate that they're going to lose those blossoms.

anyway, seattlest mentioned that a new daiso had opened up in westlake center. i'd heard a rumor (although i can't for the life of me remember where.) that daiso was planning on opening a 100 yen store downtown but westlake center? holy hell! that's only a monorail ride away! (an ed note: i avoid westlake center as i have no need to go there ever. but i'm willing to brave a mall for a 100 yen store. esp since it saves me having to trek all the way up to vancouver.)

leff and i descended upon the unsuspecting daiso while everyone else in town was watching the seahawks game. and after about an hour in the store, we escaped $60 poorer and with a ton of stuff including leds for leff's head,

a daruma (we haven't painted in his eye because we haven't made a wish yet.),

some tiny noodles,

a bunch of cupcake liners,

(see, there's more and they're ADORABLE!)

a couple of bento boxes, (although mine is the only one pictured. it goes well with a mellow music.)

a british bistro bear mug for leff, (the front)

(the back with exquisite wording)

some tea cups like this cat one

and this bunny cup for me.

PLUS a panda bowl for me (because all of my kitchen accessories must have animals on them. it's martian law, apparently.)

a bunch of misc bowls for leff

and STATIONARY! of course.

oh, and a kokeshi with a silly fake cherry blossom bonsai. (i'll be repainting the kokeshi.)

so, in other words, pretty much a bunch of stuff that we really didn't need but that we bought anyway. (i didn't even bother photographing the sparkly bear shaped sponge and all of the other stuff. i could have, but i didn't. you're welcome.)

i'm fairly certain that leff and i are going to be limiting our trips to daiso rather severely because i KNOW that we'd plunk down at least $40 usd every time. and that's a LOT of stuff at a 100 yen/1 pound/$1.50 store. we don't really NEED that much stuff. erm, except for stationary.

that being said, if you love cheap japanese tat like we do, daiso is absolutely INCREDIBLE! it is, in fact, my new drug of choice.

today promises no shopping trips but much awwwwing over this photo of j's new cat. (he picks her up tomorrow!!) so yeah, the excitement just keeps on coming!


Santos said...

ha! i just saw those british bear bistro mugs at *my* $1.50 store!

r4kk4 said...

do you have a daiso or is it another $1.50 store?

i LOVE british bistro bear! haha!

ViVi said...

I'm from Vancouver and I love Daiso too! Sooo many cute things you can find there! :D

r4kk4 said...

i used to be *so* jealous of you guys, vivi until seattle got its own daiso!

until then, seattle people either had to go to one of the northern suburbs or head up to vancouver!

mantrid9 said...

I've got my bistro bear mug. I actually changed my mind and went back to get it after deciding not to. It's the most endearing Engrish I've yet encountered.