Wednesday, January 17, 2007

the many faces of boredom

last night fujiko and i were bored.

i, unfortuately, had compounded my agitated state of tedium by consuming copius amounts of coffee too late in the day (5 shots, 7 pm), so i was jittery on top of merely "bleah".

i don't think that fujiko had taken any stimulants and, as such, was able to sleep off the blasé-ness (lucky!) but not me. ooooh noo! i ran through my many phases of boredom rather quickly.

the "i'm hungry. what kind of weird food do we have?" phase.

i thought about making entirely purple coleslaw with those carrots and the cabbage. but then i realized that that would require work and quickly moved onto the "what can i make looked conjoined?" portion of our evening.

this was quickly followed by the "i want to hot glue something together and stick it into a rotting pear."

and the "maybe it would look even weirder if it was smoking a candy cigarette" chapters.

(yeah, don't ask. i don't fully understand it myself.)

this is inevitably superseded by "how fucked up can i make my hair look?"

and then "i know! i'll make something meta bored!"

which usually calms me down enough to try making something with the wrong materials. like, oh, say, crocheting with embroidery thread.

that helped dissipate the pissiness but not the caffeine. i was still buzzed at 12:30

so i stayed up until 4 reading sherlock holmes stories. and then finally, FINALLY i was able to sleep. honk to the freakin' shu!

today i won't be drinking quite so much coffee so late in the day and, hopefully, i won't be so bored. nah, who am i kidding? i'm stuck waiting on groceries again because one of the delivery services cancelled tuesday due to inclement weather, so the boredom will probably descend sometime around 2 p.m. along with patches of heavy fog. oh!! maybe i'll make a weather map showing a low front and with stong gusts of ennui! hee hee!


Anonymous said...

i likey the "how fucked up can i make my hair look?"game...

i want to play...

hug hug
kiss kiss

r4kk4 said...

it's my favoritist game in the world!!

i esp like it when i've forgotten that i played it and leave the house with my hair all fucked up. heee heeeee!

we'll play it when i visit slotown! :D!

hugses and kisseses back!!