Friday, January 19, 2007

winter can kindly bite me, etsy delivery, a blurry photo

some of you regular readers might've picked up on how i'm about ready to have a bar fight with winter. you see, i have a hard time dealing with the lack of sunshine and moving further north last year didn't help the situation one iota. you see, it gets darker here just that tiny bit earlier than in the southern climes.

and, of course, i'm incapable of being a good little depressive and just sleeping all the time. nope, i get ANGRY. have you ever been angry at a season? let me tell you, it's not easy. being pissed off at clouds never is.

anyway, this is me and winter getting ready to face off. nose to nose. mano, season.

i'm the one that looks all tough. winter is the big scaredy baby that looks like he's going to cry 'cause he's so afeared of me.

ok, so, when i'm not about to drag out the brass knuckles, i'm opening mail. or at least looking at stamps.

i love these. colleen looksy, whose dad's comic is part of that series, mentioned them earlier in the year. (i'd link to the looksy blog but it's now taken over by squatters??!?? COLLEEN!!! i knew that you hadn't been updating for a while. i hope you're ok!!)

also in the same mail shipment as the batman stamp, was a package from matty8080. i'd ordered many prints from him and they came packaged in a folder bearing this label.

he wasn't kidding! it *is* magical art! (although not magical realism. that's a whoooole other kettle of fish, kittens.)

here is the fantastic "owl be your friend" sticker.

and a series of "field note prints".

(are you noticing an owl thing? yeah, it started with the diana sudyka print that i got at flatstock last year.)

matty included some extra soft mask prints for me! how wonderful!!

and here's the kicker, a unicorn mask print.

his line quality makes me weep.

later that night leff and i went for a walk. i played like i was drunk.

*hic* etc.

and that's it for today. i have no plans for this friday except for getting some coffee. oh, and figuring out which target is closest to me. (west seattle or northgate? who would win in a battle where questions will be destroyed with answers?)

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