Saturday, January 20, 2007

deer and book are both four letter words, crafting with veg, picnic dinner, a special appearance by a

friday was pretty quiet. i read a lot of jamesland

and i've been pleasantly surprised! one side effect of the book that i'm sure wasn't intended? i've placed holds on both the yearling and bambi at the library.

in bunny news (hey, bunnies are compatible with deer!) i made a potato and carrot necklace like amy sedaris suggested in i like you. (i KNOW, how many times can i link to that book?! (it's awesome, that's why i link to it so much.)) instead of dicing potatoes and carrots, however, i decided to make bunny shapes out of the potatoes.

and then i added some coins of purple and mini carrots.

it's drying in the closet right now. i'll get back to you in four or five days with the results.

i also decided to try and fool myself into thinking that it was spring by having picnic food for dinner. i made mostly purple cole slaw. (those purple carrots were disappointing since they weren't purple all the way though.)

lemony dilled potato salad. um, with a bird in it.

and, of course, deviled eggs.

later that night, a dropped by and everyone used portables for a while. in fact, i was listening to my mp3 player when i took this photo.

no, i wasn't. but it would've been funny if i had been.

today is the opening day of the olympic sculpture park so i should have lots and lots of photos from that tomorrow. hopefully, i'll go back on sunday as well because of lion dancing and taiko drummers. but let's just keep that between us, ok?

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