Sunday, January 07, 2007

fun with pretzels, lunch in photos, i hate "the punisher"

earlier this week i made some cherry blossoms a la amy sedaris from her book i like you. chotda suggested that i make some edible ones using pretzels. and so i did! (thanks for the idea, chotda!!)

it's popcorn held onto pretzel sticks with melted chocolate. the pink things are candies that are typically used on cupcakes.

i had a lot of chocolate left over so i covered some more pretzels and made a tiny campfire for mashimaro to roast marshmallows.

i think i only did that because i wanted to see mashimaro roasting a marshmallow.

a, the arborist, came over later that day for lunch. i made the case for mecca because i was DYING to eat one of their hot turkey sandwiches.

i crave their gravy. it's very tasty and plentiful.

a had breakfast

and leff had fries.

and so completes the obsessive photodocumentation of lunch for today.

for some reason we watched the punisher. by the end of it i was almost gouging my eyes out because it was SO BORING!! why did it take so long for freakin' thomas jane to become the punisher and kick some ass?!? (if i'd needed that much back story, i'd've read the freakin' comic!) ah, well. at least the movie's over and i'll never have to watch it again.

today promises a whole lot of nothing. which is fine because i'm still really sleepy.

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