Saturday, January 27, 2007

root bracelet update, catz and not too much else

i just realized yesterday afternoon that i never posted an update about the bunny carrot and potato bracelet a la amy sedaris that was hanging in my closet to dry. the finished result?

it shrunk in size by about 45%! and the bunnies not only turned a different color but they are now all twisty and distorted looking. wow!

friday also saw the arrival of catz. (warning: music!!)

i adopted a little calico that i named jigen.

ok, yeah, i know. calicoes are always female and jigen is a boy's name but shut up. it's only a game.

catz is cute and all but i think i'm almost finished with it. i mean, i already have felines in rl and they're more fun to play with than a sim kitty. no offense to little jigen or anything.

one last thing before i go! 826 seattle is hosting the edible book festival again this year and i've been asked to contribute something to the new silent auction! i've got until april 1st to finish whatever it is i that make so i'll be posting updates about it the closer i get to the deadline. i'll be uploading the step by step to my old rakka account on flickr if you'd like to follow along. (and i'll try to make it brief for those of you who find this sort of thing tedious.)

*fingers crossed that i can come up with something cool enough to not disappoint them!*

ok, time to go to my last day of employment at the suck job. ciao, chicken nuggets!


Anonymous said...

Oh! I to want to make an edible book! Is it open to anyone?

r4kk4 said...

OH!!! i want you to make one too!!! :D!!

it's ABSOLUTELY open to anyone!!! i think that you have to send them an email letting them know that you're interested in participating!

Cookie Diva said...

Yes indeedy, anybody can make an edible book. Details can be found at

And darling girl, Janet and I have full confidence that your entry will be spectacular. Last year's Lucky Wander Boy = Tasty Genius.

r4kk4 said...

aw!! you're too kind, cookie diva!!

this year i think i might be adding an led element. it remains to be seen though. i don't know how to sauter the buggers yet.