Thursday, January 04, 2007

cherry blossom season

i desperately need for it to be spring. i'm not going to whine about the grey and the wet and the dead, dead trees (that aren't evergreens). no, i won't. i just need for the flowers to bloom and for that heady shade of bright green particular to new leaves to show up. that's all i'm going to say.

anyway, this bone aching desire of mine for winter to finally end caused a flurry of cherry blossom activity at me casa. i started with amy sedaris' version of cherry blossoms. (from the much linked to i like you. it's such a good book!)

that would be popcorn hot glued to some sticks with some pink nail polish for embellishment. here's a detail.

i was getting some really odd looks when i was walking around the neighborhood collecting sticks. freaks.

i also freezer paper stenciled some cherry blossoms on my gloves.

i'll probaby be going back in and adding some more detail today. maybe some white in the blossoms.

and lastly, and most goofily, i added some seriously stylized cherry blossoms to my hat. and then i placed it on a decapitated head with a pink wig.

yeah, i don't think i'll be wearing the hat anymore. it's pretty silly.

today is laundry day so at least my clothes will be smelling spring time fresh. maybe if i sniff one of the clean shirts when its dry, i'll feel like it's april. sigh...


Anonymous said...

You must wear the hat.

But seriously, it's practically spring here in NC. Thanks to global warming, it's hardly gotten below freezing this winter, and today I saw a tree with little pink blossoms all over it--not cherry blossoms, but close enough. Also, there are daffodils blooming.

I think the world will end in my lifetime.

Santos said...

i think you should make edible cherry blossoms with pretzel sticks, popcorn and icing to stick them together.

on the other side of global warming, it is far more temperate and pleasant here near the equator. the weather is less extreme than it has been, and all our trees and flowers are blooming more than ever.

r4kk4 said...

ok, if you say that i have to wear the hat, wear the hat, i must! ;D!

that's insane! it's WAY too early for daffodils in your part of the country!!

if the world ends in your lifetime, it also ends in mine. i'm scared now. :(

OMG!!!! what a FANTASTIC idea, chotda!!!! if i get around to making it (which i probably will!!) i'll be SURE to give you credit with coming up with the idea! YOUR ROCK!!!

oh wow! i'm glad that you're having nice weather but it is kind of frightening. :( i don't want to die at 33. it's an undignified age! ;D

Anonymous said...

it's el niño, rakkadeer. it's not global warming. not to say there isn't global warming, but this isn't it.

r4kk4 said...

i've never had an el niño on the west coast before. it's frightening!!! (esp the gusty wind stuff!) i mean, i've lived in other port cities but, for christ's sake! the stuff that comes barreling in from the pacific can be fierce!!

here's a question for you! are santa anna winds connected with el niño?

Santos said...

as far as i can recall, santa anas are winds that form from a build up of air pressure in the rocky mountains and sierra madres, and el niño is all about air pressure over the pacific ocean. they can affect each other because they can cross paths, but i'm not sure how or where, really. except the west coast. ha.

yeah, you should try el niño out in the middle of the pacific like us. we had a year where we had about nine typhoons, three of them with winds over 150+ miles per hour, and one with winds of 200+ miles. really effing traumatizing.

r4kk4 said...

it's all so strange. you know, when i visited the west coast a long time ago, it wasn't windy at all! HAHAHA!

i can't imagine dealing with el niño on an island!!! nine typhoons in one season?!??! AAAAH!!

i hope that you weren't living there at the time!

Santos said...

sadly, yes, i was here. gaaaaaaaah. still can't face the thought of another typhoon.

r4kk4 said...

OMG!!! what do you do when it's such a horrible typhoon season? do you pretty much just batten down the hatches, ride out the storm, try to fix things and then start the whole process over again?!??

how awful! :(