Tuesday, January 02, 2007

hoppin' john, a very star wars rose bowl parade, ikea

ah, new year's day! the day "celebrated" almost world wide with a hangover is also the time for the consumption of hoppin' john.

this year i added tomatoes. and lotsa', lotsa' cumin 'cause i like my hoppin' john texmex style.

jan 1 also means the rose bowl parade. normally, i don't watch but as i was flipping channels i saw a float and then darth vader and i thought "what?? is this a parade from 1984?".

uh, not really. george lucas was involved with the rose bowl parade this year. why? was he grand marshall? did he donate flowers? i don't know. i do know that he had someone build him an endor float and then had people dressed as ewoks placed upon it (there was some scampering and swinging.) also, there were lots of folks dressed as stormtroopers marching down the street. i mention this because at one point in the parade's progression, someone was holding up an "impeach" sign right as a squad of stormtroopers walked past.

that made me laugh all day. it's so appropriate! (sorry the photo's so bad.)

yesterday also saw a trip to ikea with d. i mean, it was the "it only happens twice a year sale", for pete's sake, and we needed an office chair! plus, it was late and no one was there!

i was on the prowl for squid. i wasn't too keen on the plush in the kids section (which would be why there's not a photo of it.) but the sea creature sheets didn't disappoint!

nor did my turkey croissant from the cafeteria.

and, yes, it's lingonberry soda and cheesecake. all hail the lingonberry in its many tasty forms!

d pulled many strings

and leff was almost consumed by one of the monster paper shades.

also, kolons are $19.99 which is really inexpensive when you think about it.

leff and i went a little nutzo with the cheap stuff at ikea. i mean, i got a citrus zester, some green gloves, brightly colored plastic things and leff purchased enough candles to get us through until 2009. we also got these "ghost lights"

because we are children.

today is another wait on the groceries day. at least i think it is. all of the schedules have been wonky because of holidays so i don't know for sure. either way, it's time to make sure leff's awake for his miserable journey back to work. poor guy.


Anonymous said...

no - you're not children.

the correct term is 'kidult' - you're kidults. fully fledged kidults. so ner.

Irregular Shed said...

Leff's issues with that lamp shade were documented 10 years before it happened in album form by Mansun:


r4kk4 said...

heh heh! that term does make me feel better, grocalicious! i say kidult unite! take over the world!!

it would be a much more fun place! ;D

hahah! that book was from the fuuuutuuuure, shed head! crazy town!! (pop. 25,000)