Sunday, January 21, 2007

west seattle, dig dug and assorted other things

"i'll be at the sculpture park on saturday" i seem to recall writing. er, well, i wasn't.

saturday started in ballard, as usual. the olympic sculpture park isn't in ballard (which is one reason why i didn't make it to the opening festivities yesterday) but this beta band sticker was.

i was changing my plans when i spotted that sticker. "huh! how odd to see a beta band sticker in 2007!" i thought to myself. "it's going to take me about an hour and a half to get to west seattle. and, yes, i like phở but why can't we eat it at than brothers in ballard?" i said to j. (er, because i was on the phone with him.)

as i'm sure you've guessed from the title of this post, we didn't eat at than bros. j made a several good points. namely, that we still hadn't seen his new place and that we hadn't met stardust yet. so it was off to west seattle!

which, uh, is not where the sculpture park is located. for those of you keeping score.

leff and i met j in front of the deli with the plastic cow on its roof.

from there it was a quick drive to easy street cafe for lunch! (i know, i know. we were supposed to get phở but after the trip out to the ws, i wanted to eat something chewy. like a sandwich.)

then it was upstairs to the used cd section

to give j a hard time for sneaking a glance in the white lion section.

i was dragging at this point and needed coffee. this is how i ended up at two different cupcake royales in one day. (i got coffee at the ballard shop in the early a.m. before heading to work and there's one located across the street from easy street in west seattle.)

j decided that he liked the mug that i was drinking out of and it somehow magically appeared safely in his car after we left.

don't look at me. i didn't do it. i only buckled its seat belt. safety first!

since leff and i wanted the full tourist experience of west seattle, we went to alki beach.

it's really funny when you call it "alky", you know as in short for "alcoholic". ok, it's not funny but i do it anyway because i never say words the way they're supposed to be pronounced. esp when i'm tired and the drawl comes out.

*ahem* back to our story, here's a pano for you.

aw, look! it's all three of our shadows in the middle!

leff and j are intrepid explorers. and, as such, they climbed around on the large tree that jutted out onto the water.

i am merely around for photo documentation purposes so i stayed on the beach.

after alki, it was time to meet lady stardusty face!

that's her with the fur. j is the one in the hat.

while i kept stardust company, j and leff battled to the death at dig dug.

j kicked leff's butt, of course, but it is his game after all. hee hee!

there were a lot of odd little games on j's 8 bit compilation. games like "door door" in which you try to get squid to go through a door so you can trap them there and "bird life" (??) which is all about you, as a bird, feeding your young so they can leave the nest. cutest. games. EVAR!!

dig dugged, kittened and west seattled out, we returned to the mainland and lqa where j fell asleep on our floor, leff played "final fantasy 3" and i drank a lot of soda. which is just a round about way of saying that we ended up having dinner at bamboo garden.

that's dessert. i was too hungry to photograph dinner.

right, i'll leave you with a shot of j's new camera.

aren't you jealous? i am! his camera is awesome!

i'll also leave you with another promise of sculpture park photos. because today!! i will be there. unless i go back to sleep and miss everything.


Anonymous said...

Great Photos

r4kk4 said...

thanks! :D!

Anonymous said...

I think it's funny when you say it like 'alky' because that's just the way I read it.

r4kk4 said...

hahaha! it REALLY looks like it should be "alky" and not "alk-eye", doesn't it?

i spent a lot of time watching local documentaries when i got here trying to learn to say things like "snoqualmie", "issaquah" and "pike and pine" so i wouldn't sound *too* much like i was from some backwater town. hahaha!