Thursday, January 25, 2007

and i'm back

hey, kidlettes! i hope that you had a refreshing few days. i know that i did.

so what's new in rakkaland? well, i ate some tasty lettuce,


and oranges.

and it was sunny for a while. so that was nice.

i also hung out with the cats. ms peel liked "strawberry marshmallow"

but clouseau didn't.

last night i waited in line

for the new siff space to open. (there wasn't a movie. i think we were bribed to stand in line just to see how well they could handle the influx of a capacity crowd.)

thankfully, i remembered my headphones because some incessantly chatty moron was behind me in line. he talked nonstop for an HOUR! sheer hell for the people around me. a bit chilly but otherwise not so bad for me and my jpop.

oh, here's the new interior if you're interested.

i was mainly there for the free tickets to the janus 50th anniversary film festival.

yes, my future self will thank me in march for standing in line for those tickets. hooray.

anyway, in short, the break away from the keyboard did me good. much decompressing, some studying and other assorted things varied and sundry. as for tonight, i have online jeopardy tryouts. wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

Welcome back and good luck!
* Did you read Brainiac by Ken Jennings for helpful hints?


r4kk4 said...

thanks so much!! :D!

you know, i forgot all about the ken jennings book! d'oh!!

i added it to my library list though. i'm second in line for the large print edition! HAHAHHA! (if i'd requested the regular print, i'd be 35th. ;D)

Anonymous said...

I love that your cat is named clouseau. Is he named after the pink panther movies? My cat named Cato is.

r4kk4 said...

that's EXACTLY why he's named clouseau, sometrouble! haha! he has very prominent mustaches and when he was a kitten, he was very curious and bumbling. he didn't have a fake french accent though. ;D

it made my day to hear that your cat's name is cato!! :D!!