Saturday, January 06, 2007

life changing? maybe!, our neighbor b is awesome!, vds with j and c

last night something really awesome happened. unfortunately, i'm not at liberty to discuss it yet but let's just say it could be seriously world rocking/life changing for both leff and me. things aren't finished yet and i don't want to jinx us, so mum's the word. sorry to be so secretive at the moment but you can bet your ass if things go the way we're hoping that i'll be telling you about it a.s.a.p! (what exactly are the returns on your ass if you bet it? i guess it depends on what the odds were...)

i also have to quickly mention how wonderful our neighbor b is. leff accidentally dropped a bunch of his cards (including his debit and a credit (gah!!!)) while we were on the way for coffee the other night. thankfully, he dropped them by the mailbox where b was because she picked them up and slid them under our door. i mean, how thoughtful and courteous!! (can you tell that i'm still culture shocked occasionally? haha!)

anyway, i'm pretty sure that b isn't aware of this blog, but if she is and is reading this, again, THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!!!! you saved leff and me a TON of trouble and a cupcake and a card isn't nearly enough to express our gratitude!

a few days ago, j, one of my friends from college and one of my roomies from baltimore, got in touch with me. she lives in portland now and was going to be visiting seattle for the next few days. would leff and i want to hang out? um, hell yeah!

i hadn't talked to j in about four years. in that time, she's gotten married and is now a certified massage therapist! and while there are lots of new things that have happened, she still loves dim sum.

we had a TON of food at the vds. (when do we not?!) items of food that were consumed included...

appetizer nuts,

wonton soup,

schezwan beef that looks very juicy in this photo,

general tso chicken,

steamed hum buns (two orders, of course.),

deep fried mashed potatoes

and red bean pumpkins!

i think that i'm still full from my share of all that!

and, so far anyway, the fortunes that we got are fairly accurate.

it was rainy and windy and generally as crappy of weather as seattle can throw at you

and sonics traffic was bad

so the art walk in belltown was out. look, i know that the mcleod residence is supposed to be awesome and all that and that their general public opening was last night. buuuut, it takes more than some kick ass wallpaper to get me oot and aboot on a night like that.

we ended up back at casa rakkaleff because, um, isn't that generally what leff and i do? j had purchased a tiny smoothie kit earlier in the international district.

honestly? that tiny strawberry will melt your heart. and the ice cubes come out of the tray. i died just a little bit when i found that out.

so, in summation, it was awesome to see j again and really great to meet c!

today? well, it's currently 7:34 and the sun hasn't really even made an appearance because of all the nasty cloud cover. that means a monumental effort on my part to make it to the library before seahawks fans "cowboy up" (giggling! i hope that that article link still reads "cowboy up" if/when you click on it.) and make it impossible to ride the bus. also, the other j might be getting back from nyc today.

but other than that, i'm going back to sleep.

oh, and one last thing. even though yesterday was t eh r0xx, i'm still reserving the right to hate 2007.


josephpeter said...

NOOOOO!!!! I'm j. She needs another "name"

Mare said...

Is it weird that I'm really excited for whatever this cool thing that may happen is even though I only know you through your blog? Well I am! :)

Anonymous said...

A c'mon, you can whisper hints to me via gmail, at least, can't you? My life is so boring I need so vicarious excitement!

r4kk4 said...

okok, she can be jl. she *is* jl, so it won't be much of a stretch.

no! it's not weird at all, mare!! it's very sweet!! thank you SO very much!! :D!!

ok, i can gmail you, pants. but SHHHHHH!!!!!

and your life isn't boring. don't be silly!