Friday, January 26, 2007

a dull thursday with a radiohead impersonation and a botched attempt at jeopardy tryouts

i don't feel bad about having a dull thursday. it was, apparently, a slow news day for everyone in the emerald city if this front page of the pi is to be believed.

a dog behind the wheel of a car. seeing that headline made me feel like i was living in the land of the timbertoes and, jesus, but i hate the freakin' timbertoes.

the highlight of yesterday (if you'll pardon the pun) was getting my hair dyed. see? i look like thom yorke in the "no surprises" video!

i should've spent that time more productively and read a trivia book instead of us weekly. but noOOOOoooo. it was brangelina and brittany for me. *major eyeroll at self*

you see, i bombed the jeopardy test last night.

for me, that blurb should read "thank you for taking the JEOPARDY! ONLINE CONTESTANT TEST! your test scores are currently being tabulated by the JEOPARDY!contestant department and being laughed at quite loudly, you ignorant freak."

seriously, last night it was all dynastic rulers, tall ships, mountain ranges and sports figures. i know about none of these things. ask me about ceasar chavez and the 37 different schools that he attended, the 53 churches of christopher wren or, hell, even crossword clue "elevator", 4 letters (otis) and i'm your girl. but i know nothing about golf champions. for reals, cochise.

a'right. time to blow this popsicle stand and get ready for a cheap ass quesadilla and rainier beer blowout tonight. i might even build a fort, hide out under it and read comics. although we don't have that ugly couch any more so i'll probably have to use the kitchen chairs....

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